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UVC Lamps
UV lamps are cost-effective solutions, which are used for the water purification in water reclamation, waste water, drinking water, and industrial as well as commercial process. They are needed to boost the air quality and kill bacteria of the surrounding.
UVC Germicidal Lamp
Germicidal Lamps are made to reduce the chances of colds and flus in the users surrounding. It is best to use for and advanced heating as well as cooling system. These can kill mold as well as abolish the bacteria as well as flying viruses.
UVC Air disinfection
UV air sterilizers are made to eliminate the harmful airborne pathogens. These can work well with HEPA filters and ensure a speedy and continuous protection. These can kill 99% of biological contaminants and improve the indoor quality.
UVC Conveyor Belt
UVC Conveyor Belts are suited for the disinfecting the items such as Food Items, Bags and Luggage of several types. These can kill the viruses as well as bacteria. These disinfectant systems are needed for the time of coronavirus.
Sanitization Box And Bag
Sanitizer Box And Bags are utilized to sanitize as well as disinfect several items, such as retainers, glasses, watches, jewels, face masks, and makeup brushes. They are best to use and ensures an advanced sanitization.
UVC Cabinets And Chamber
Ultraviolet Cabinets And Chambers are the compact and lightweight units, which are suitable for their effective use in offices, laboratory, bank, and other places. These allow for easy viewing as well as creation of chromatogram.
Water Conditioner
Water Conditioners we offer are made to condition as well as soften the water in an effective way. They have been designed to reduce the problem of water hardness. Their utilization can make reduction in the clogging.